Most people realize the value of having enough windshield washer fluid in the reservoir, because they have been driving in a bad storm where the windshield was getting pelted very hard with water, snow, and mud.

Your windshield washer fluid has another function that is just as vital. It acts as a lubricant for the wipers as they move across the glass of the windshield. If there is no fluid, the wipers have a more difficult time moving as they should, and over time it can cause a hardship on the motors that drive the wipers.

Consequently, it is important to regularly check the level of the reservoir and be sure that it is topped off at all times. Your fluid should be of sufficient quantity so that it can be available for extended periods of time, such as driving in a prolonged storm.

Just make it a habit to check the washer fluid level on a regular basis and make certain that it is topped off.
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