Whether you have a mysterious smell in your car that can't be explained or you know exactly where that bad smell came from, we can all agree that it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible! Nobody likes having a bad smell in their vehicle, so take a look at our five methods below to learn how to easily make that stench a thing of the past. From all of us here at Wickstrom Ford Lincoln, we hope you have a great weekend and a good-smelling ride every time.

  • Clean off your seats and surfaces with a vacuum cleaner
  • You can use baking soda on seats and surfaces to absorb smells overnight
  • Just like baking soda, a piece of charcoal left in your car overnight can absorb some bad smells
  • You can soak a cotton ball in vanilla or mint, use some fresh coffee grounds, or any other natural air freshener to replace a bad smell with something good
  • If your car smells like gasoline all the time, you might have a gas leak and should schedule a service appointment with us here at our Barrington, IL dealership and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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